Plant Your Pantry Challenge

Join the "Plant Your Pantry Challenge!"

Did you know that you can grow your garden from your groceries?

You don't need a huge backyard, just your kitchen.

Come learn how to grow food in five days using your everyday kitchen staples!

Join the "Plant Your Pantry" Challenge!

What is this "Plant Your Pantry Challenge" all about?

This is a week-long challenge
to find things to grow
from stuff you already have.

Each day, you will be emailed a short  "follow-along" video to guide you in growing your food from pantry items such as beans, seeds, and other surprising stuff!

What's the time commitment?

Each day, for five days, you will be emailed a five-minute "follow-along" video.

Spend 10-15 minutes more growing your plants!

What happens at the end of the challenge?

You'll be able to harvest your own food and start growing some actual crops that you could harvest later in the year!

While you learn how to stretch your grocery staples during the challenge week, you can share the challenge with friends and family using the #plantyourpantry hashtag on Instagram.  Please tag us @permaculture_garden so we know what you're up to!

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